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  • hook snelling tool ?

    Hey All,
    Just got a new tool for snelling hooks and either it's the wrong one or I just can't figure it out. It's a DU-BRO Model 1115 but now I think I should have got the 1116. Anyone have any experiance with these tools w/info to share would be greatly appreciated. I am going crazy Hope all of you are doing well and can't wait till October.
    Young Salt
    PS: I just got an e-mail from a customer who is on Cape Cod and just landed a 48" Striper! Figures I got to work all week!!
    Why am I so addicted to catching a fish I can't keep?!

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    and to think i've been usin' my fingers and thumbs all these years...


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      i know jim, its the advanced technology thing.......... we've been out dated.


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        First the blow toad cleaner, then the sand flea rake, now this

        If snelling a hook wasn't so easy without a tool, I absolutely can't imagine what a tool is going to do to make it easier. The only time my big fat fingers and thumbs have a problem is when I try and snell using 6-8# test mono and not leader material. Everybody has their own method, but I was taught by a charter boat captain over 40 years ago and I have never seen an easier way.

        Take the leader material and put one end through teh eye. Pull it until there is about 2" left hanging out and take the end you pulled and place it along the line on the hook. Hold both lines tight and start wrapping from the eye towards the bend. Take the loop tha is left, place it in your mouth so the leader gets nice and wet and start pulling on the 2" section you left hanging. Keep the loop in your mouth as long as you can, and don't release the hook until you snug up the line you are pulling on. Take a pair of pliers and grab the tag end left outside the snell and pull it and the long end from the eye until tight. Snip off the tag, tie a fisherman's knot at the end, attach a swivel, or whatever.

        Takes maybe ten seconds, max with 30# or larger leader material. I keep the turns on the hook to 4 with 80# and six with anything lighter. With a little practice, it is one of the easiest and quickest connections to tie.

        I've never seen this diagrammed, but if anyone has, I am sure it explains it better than words.

        But then again, maybe I am just an old fart.
        My worst day fishing was 1000% better than my best day working.


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          DAS TOOL

          To H### with the pic of the tie. I want to see a pic of this high tech monster!!!!
          EAT SLEEP FISH

          QUID MI VEXERI


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            i have found that the easest snell to teach is:
            that is the uni-snell. the easest to tie is the traditional snell and i don't know if i have ever seen a drawing of it.


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              Wow! I didn't know I was going to strike such a sensitive nerve about the use of a tool to make it easier. I have VERY BAD carple tunnle (sp?) syndrome and my own stupidity and not listening to the Doc Man when he told me to get surgusry has made it almost impossible to do something as simple as snell a hook. Permanent nerve damage aint no fun. I wish I could still do it without one! Tieing an albright or watermans knot in the dark is pretty hard but needs to be done. Anything to make it a little less painful is the key.
              Why am I so addicted to catching a fish I can't keep?!