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What is the best wind to fish with?

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  • What is the best wind to fish with?

    I have been fishing for about 4 years now and have not really ever been told about the wind factors at HI.

    Can anyone tell me the best and worst winds to fish in? And any other important wind related info. that may be useful to me. By the way, when they say it is a South wind, does that mean it is blowing from the south or toward the south?

    I spend most of my time on the northern beaches above Avon, venturing down to the point a few times a year as well. I must say it will be hard to stay away from there this weekend, with all of the cobia being caught.

    During my 4 years of fishing, I still have not caught "the big one" but that won't stop me from trying!!!

    Thanks for any information!

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    Jason,you probably will get better qualified advice than this ,but just incase you don,t :- southwind is COMING from the south.IF ever clueless fish facing the wind when possible.


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      Different wind directions are better in different times of the year. Spring time SSW winds are prefered but fall is a good time to fish NE winds. Also dependent on water temps etc. Of course the best time to fish is whenever you can!
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        Rules of thumb.

        There are more exceptions to the rules than there are rules, and there are other factors besides the wind to consider. Here's a few things to think of:

        Fish into the wind. (Oft quoted general rule.)

        5-10 kts onshore is pretty good. Much over 25 kts may be unfishable.

        Find the bait and you'll find the fish.

        Consider the water temperature. Fish have preferred temp ranges; know what your targeted species likes or won't tolerate.

        Sight feeders aren't likely to spend a lot of time in muddy water; so surf conditions and wind direction/force, which govern nearshore turbidity, need to be considered.

        Light conditions also affect fish feeding patterns, dawn and dusk are traditionally optimal times.

        Tide state governs water depth in many of the beach structure features, and that often determines when your target species is likely to be present. The hours close to tide change are traditionally preferred.

        Currents create or shape beach structure, which attracts and holds fish. Consistent winds of several days duration often create those currents in areas such as the Outer Banks.

        Well , there are a few "factors" for you to consider in predicting when what fish will be where. As noted, though, there are exceptions, and different factors seem to govern at different times.

        Also, local "lore" which is derived from long term observation of many years experience may have practical application. IE: the drum arrive when the dogwoods bloom in spring.

        If you find out a sure fire, infallible predictor, please PM me before you write a book about it and get rich. About the closest thing to such a rule I've ever seen is what my Daddy told me: "You'll never catch a fish unless you put your hook in the water".

        Good luck !


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          All of these guys are giving you real good advice. I'm with you - still a relatively new surf fisherman (about 6 years), but I try to gain lots of pointers from the board, the people at RDT, talking to people on the beach & experiencing things for yourself in the wash. Wind direction is always given in the direction the wind is coming from. As YS & Pescadito said, the direction that your interested in is very dependent on time of year & what you're fishing for. We like to see winds from the southerly direction in the spring & northerly direction in the fall. Real good rule of thumb to fish into the wind, if possible. If the wind is blowing in your face, generally the wind will push the bait closer the beach, which will make the fish more accessible to you. Good luck at the beach, if you're heading there this weekend. Like many on the board, I'm wishin' I was fishin'. Three months & counting.


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            The wind...

            pushes the tiny creatures that bait fish feed on closer to the beach, so the bait fish follow, and the big fish follow them.
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