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Need recommendations for small dollar / decent spinner (value) reel .....

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  • Need recommendations for small dollar / decent spinner (value) reel .....

    Long post since I last posted. My runs down there has been far too long in between unfortunately. This year; however, I will get to do something special. I will be heading down there in late September to fish with not only my Dad (a first), but also my son, my brother, my two nephews and my uncle (my father's brother). It will be a guys weekend with the main event being surf fishing.

    Being the only one in the group who routinely fishes down there, I was put in charge of organizing and figuring out the gear situation. I quickly realized that I have a lot of nice rods/reels and only a few setups I'd be willing to hand over (to anyone). More realistically, most of my nice stuff is limited to conventional reels on heavers and I simply don't think the others will take to it very well (we shall see).

    So I'd like to pick up 2-3 other combos. For value purposes, I think I am going to go with a few Daiwa Beef Sticks. For an inexpensive rod, it works quite well. But I need to match it up with a reel that will work. Again, these are combos I won't use much beyond this weekend (other than the next road trip) but I don't want them to be total junk.

    Is there something on the cheaper side that will serve my needs in terms of function/capacity/drag and won't crap up the first time it sees salt spray?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Okuma Helix spinners work just fine for that type of application.
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      stop-off at the Border Station at the virginia/carolina line and buy new combos for $29 bucks...Frank & Frans in Avon also has combos for this price. don't think you want your relatives trying to throw conventional reels...they'll spend the whole trip untangling bird nests.
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        I have found that the Shimano Sahara series works quite well. Decent line capacity, a good drag system, and not TOO expensive. I have three that I use as loaners when needed and one I use all the time. Not built for heavyweights but will handle most every other fish they will hook.
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