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    Coming out to Buxton in Nov. and would like to purchase a nice spinning reel for trout fishing. Would like to match it with a Penn Battle- 7' rod. Have the rod, need the reel. Would really like to purchase it from RDT. Not wanting to spend more than $40.00. Suggestions?? Thanks!

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    40$ is a bit low to expect a lot of quality but I am sure RDT will have something in stock in that price range that will work just fine. Even Penn has one close to that number.


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      Don't expect it to last at that price.. and suggest wash it with soapy water and spray down with sea foam (comes in a spray can).
      What a sad state of affairs... And it's all about the eco lawyers getting their payday!

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        Hoppe’s MDL (moisture displacing lube) (spray can) is good for protection and lube. 10X better than WD-40 as it does not leave that eventual varnish like build up. Been using it for decades on guns, fishin’ gear and any outside metal at the house in Salvo.
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          I'm looking at buying my first surf baitcaster and this seemed to be a good thread to start in. I currently pay around $350-400 for my spinner combo's and could spend a little bit more on this.

          Looking to spike it so distance is important.

          I've heard a lot about the new magnets and how it's almost impossible to blow them up anymore hence my interest.

          I'll also put it on a 12-15' rod.

          What I'm not looking for is something custom that will cost $700+

          Thanks in advance.
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            I have an Akios 666 SCMW shuttle and the larger 757 SCM shuttle which I like a lot. They are pricy and run $270 and $330. They have both centrifugal braking as well as adjustable mag
            braking so they are super tunable. The 666 has two brake blocks and the 757 has 4. There are also four separate magnets in each reel which can be removed or the polarity changed for additional tuning. Line capacity is 15#/330yrds and 20#/320 666 vs 757. There are only a couple of Akios dealers in the US.

            A cheaper option would be to look at the Penn Squall 15 which run $140-150, have mag casting control and are sold by RDT. I have no experience with them but it is popular drum fishing reel. This reel replaced the Penn 525. Line capacity is 15#/280yrds.

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