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  • Old Avon Surf Info Wanted

    Some of the old timers on here may recall what I am about to describe. In Avon, around Ramp 38, maybe on the north side of ramp 38, about 40 years ago there used to be remains of a ship wreck sticking out of the water, especially on low tides, maybe 50yds to 100yds off the beach. I recall seeing this wreck on many trips with my father back in the mid 70's to early 80's.

    When I join the US Army in 83, I was preoccupied for a while and did not get back to the Buxton and Avon beaches for about 10 years. When I did get back that old ship wreck was no longer visible from the beach. Over the years I have lost the general location as to where it was. I would like to find that area again because that area had some great fishing back then and I caught many a sea mullet, croaker, trout, and puppy drum in that deep hole around that ship wreck. It would be nice to find that hole again a give it try next time I am there the first 2 weeks of May this year.